A.          Objectives and policy of the quarterly

The Quarterly Journal of Linguistic and Literature Studies is a specialized publication of the Department of Persian Language and Literature of the Islamic Azad University of Najafabad Branch, which is published in order to develop Persian culture, language and literature in the field of ancient and current works focusing on lyrical literature. In this quarterly originality and innovation is one of the most important principles and bases of writing and publishing articles, which follows some goals such as:

  1. Scientific critique and analysis of ancient Persian lyrical context;

  2. Pathology and critical analysis of lyrical research;

  3. Study of stylistic, linguistic and linguistic features of texts with lyrical approach;

  4. Harmonistic lyrical research in the field of lyrical literature;

  5. Application of literary theories in lyrical literature contexts;

  6. Aesthetic study of lyrical literary contexts.

This journal has been established with the policy of criticizing the opinions of experts and reflecting the new scientific findings of researchers in the field of Persian lyrical language and literature, and also seeks to introduce and present scientific news in the field of lyrical literature to the academic community and those who are interested in these fields.

B.  Scientific policies of articles

1. The article must be original and innovative (original research), analytical and the result of the author or authors' research.

2. In writing the article, the method of scientific research should be observed and authentic sources should be used.

P.s: After receiving the article, first of all its reviewed and evaluated by the Writers' Council and if it follows the scientific policies, it will be sent to the reviewers. After receiving the opinions of them, if it gets enough score and is accepted by reviewers, it will be published.

C.  Guide for author

1. The article should have a strong structure in terms of writing and the principles of eloquence and also rhetoric should be observed in it.

2. The title of the article should be short and clear.

3. Mention the author's name along with the academic degree, work address and Internet address (Email). (It is necessary to mention the phone number of the person who is in charge of correspondence)

4. The maximum of Persian abstract should be fifteen lines (150 to 200 words).

5. The maximum of Persian keyword should be six words.

6. The article should have a clear and precise introduction, as it prepares the reader to read the main topic.

7. Expression of research background is another policy of the article.

8. In the main text of the article, the subject should be clearly analyzed.

9. The article should have an accurate conclusion.

10. The maximum of  English abstract should be fifteen lines (150 to 200 words) and this abstract should be located below the Persian abstract on one page.

11. The maximum of English keyword should be six words.

12. The name of the author and her/his academic degree and where she/he works should be mentioned in Latin.

13. Text references should be mentioned in Parentheses in order of the author's name, year and page; Example: (Zarinkoob, 1372: 254).

14. Final sources should be listed in the following order:


D.  Order of resources


Last name (name of city), First name, year of publication (in Parenthesis), name of the book (should be Bold), name of translator or proofreader, city of publication: name of publisher, date of publication.


Surname (name of city), name, year of publication (in Parenthesis), title of the article in quotation mark Bold journal name and the number, period and pages of the article (from page to page).


Surname, name, year of publication (in Parenthesis), title of the article in quotation marks, name of the collector or editor, name of the collection of articles to be bolded, place of publication, name of the publisher, number of pages of the article (from page to page).


Last name, first name (last date), subject title (in quotation marks), name and URL in italics.


Last name, first name, year of publication (in Parenthesis), title in quotation mark, Bold CD name, place of publication: publisher name.


15. The article should be set to a maximum of 20 pages, each page in 30 lines, the length of the lines 15 cm and the distance between the lines 1 cm.

16. The article should be uploaded under word xp software with Lotus font size 13 in the magazine database at www ....

17. Special names and Latin terms and foreign compounds should be mentioned in the text of the article, immediately after it in Persian.

18. The articles extracted from the dissertation must have the approval of the supervisor.

19. The article should not be presented in any other journals or conferences.

20. Persian sources should be translated into English and inserted below Persian sources.