Quarterly Journal of Studies in Lyrical Literature and Language, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, has been established since 2012 in order to promote and expand the scope of scientific research in the field of lyrical literature. Publication of innovative and innovative scientific and research achievements in the field of issues and topics related to poetic and prose works of love, mysticism, oath, ritual and religious poems, eulogy, satire, lyric, lyric, song, boast, prayers and all poems that in a way Human emotions and feelings are intertwined and fit into the genre of lyrical literature, especially with a critical approach, the application of literary theories and critique of lyrical works are among the programs of this quarterly.

The purpose of this quarterly is to introduce scientific and research activities in the field of lyrical literature, to publish research reports of researchers and those interested in this field at home and abroad. One of the special goals of this publication is to identify and introduce contemporary lyricists and critique their works, the pathology of lyrical literary research, localization of theories and methods of literary criticism, and analysis of lyrical works in the field of comparative literature.

This journal has been published from the first issue of 20121 to the 20th issue of autumn 2016 with the title Dorre Dari and from the winter of 2016 with the title Journal of Studies in Lyrical Language and Literature.


Axes of the magazine

Cultural foundations in lyrical works
Studies of popular culture in lyrical works
Background of Lyrical Literature
Critical critique of lyrical systems
Critical Critique and Analysis of Lyrical Prose Works
Lyrical literature in the field of children's and adolescents' works
Woman of Poems and Its Place in Lyrical Literature
Identifying and introducing contemporary lyricists and criticizing their works,
Pathology of lyrical literature research includes:
Pathology of Criticism and Literary Theories in Lyrical Works
Pathology approaches such as stylistics, structure and content analysis studies and the like
Localization of theories and methods of literary criticism in lyrical works
Updating the theoretical foundations of lyrical literature
Analysis of lyrical works in the field of comparative literature.